Thursday, January 20, 2005

Drama and more drama

snowpillows, originally uploaded by skweerell.

Here are Ro's indoor snowmen, which I mentioned in an earlier post. The snowpillows as I call them. The long things coming down by the nose are supposed to be arms - not Fu Manchu mustaches.

Besides building things, Ro's really developing a passion for drama (and melodrama natch). We've been reinacting The Three Little Pigs on a daily basis. I'm always the wolf. He climbs into a box (the straw house) and I blow it down. Then, he hops into another box (the stick house) and I blow it down. Finally, he gets into a last box and I blow and blow and blow and it goes nowhere. I asked him why his house didn't blow away and he said " Sorry, brick strong." he he.

Another thing we've been playing is Pete's a Pizza based on the book by William Steig, which is a very sweet book. A dad cheers up his son by pretending he's a pizza and rolling him like dough, tossing him and putting shredded paper (pretend cheese) on him etc. Ro loves it. We take turns being the pizza. I'm so tired all the time that I almost always start dozing off when it's my turn to be the pizza. The couch is our oven, so I get to lay there and cook for awhile and off course fall asleep. Ro gets a bit annoyed that I'm not a very exciting pizza. It's all Sim's fault though. She doesn't want to sleep anymore. ergh.

The last thing he's really into dramatizing is In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak. He builds an airplane out of pillows and runs around with a measuring cup. He has the entire book memorized. I'm so happy he likes this book because it's a favorite from my own childhood. He likes doing Where the Wild Things are as well but not as much as The Night Kitchen.


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Thank you for clearing up the fu man chu moustache...I thought it was.


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