Tuesday, February 01, 2005

ice cream clothes and rug boats

Ro got up Monday morning and immediately dumped all the clean laundry out of the basket to build an ice cream cone. He lays the basket on its side to be the cone and then makes mounds of laundry and pillows to be the ice cream. Then, he wallows in it shamelessly.

Tuesday morning, he bounded into our room and hopped onto an area rug, which became a boat that he wanted us all to sit in it with him and catch fish with him, Giraffe and Curious George. It's so fun and cute.

Ro freaked me out by writing out about a third of the alphabet letters this weekend and then appearing to read several things that I don't think he simply guessed at. He started reading shortly before 2 1/2 but then totally lost interest and wouldn't play any reading/letter games again until recently. Now, he appears to be able to read longer words - like he pointed at the word "friends" and "house" and said the right word. I can't figure out how he'd know that unless he could read a bit. I thought he'd mostly forgot how other than a few words like his name, stop, cat, and yo-yo. He's quite the little puzzle.


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