Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The man who cried tooth

Simone has her first tooth. It's barely peeping through the gum but you can feel it. For the last month or so, we've been blaming fussy days on teething but then no tooth would appear. It got to be quite silly. Daddy would come home from work. I'd complain about how fussy Sim had been all day and then he'd check her mouth and announce that she had her first tooth. Then, I'd check her mouth and find nothing but smooth, shiny gums which led me to stare at Daddy like he was a nut case. Daddy always sounds so positive and sure of himself that I'd believe him. The second time he did it (and I failed to find any sign of a tooth whatsoever), he started claiming Sim had retractable teeth. Finally, this weekend, he announced yet again that Sim had a tooth. As I had stared closely at her smooth gums a few hours earlier, I rolled my eyes at him as I felt her gum -- but indeed she had a tooth. The merest needle-like point could be felt but not seen. Whee! Not that lack of teeth has been slowing her down any. She's well into people food now. Her current faves are fresh grapes/blueberries blended together (very tasty!) and mulligatawny with kalijera rice.


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