Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Ro cut himself for the first time this weekend by pinching his finger while running with scissors. I was trying to stop him but he slid under the dining room table. At first he was very calm about it and just watched his finger bleed but then he decided he didn't like it at all and started freaking out. We put a bandaid on it and he was fine. However, an hour or two later, his bandaid came off in the bath and he started to bleed again. He flaked out again and demanded it be "fixed" with a new bandaid. This morning he woke up bandaidless and went and got one himself out of the kitchen drawer. Then, he peered into our room and waved the bandaid at us and shouted until Daddy got up to put it on him. I think Daddy finally managed to convince him it was fixed and no longer required a bandaid. However, Ro's stuffed Tigger was hurt twice today and so required two bandaids. Ro couldn't remember the word bandaid and keeps asking me for new skin.


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