Monday, March 21, 2005

Mr.Domestic wants Netflix

Easter is this weekend. yay! I'm going to dye eggs with Ro and make an egg tree. I also made him a Peter Rabbit to put in his basket. Now, I'm working on a flower dolly for Simone. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

Rather appropriately, Ro is really into eggs at the moment. His normal Saturday morning job is to crack the eggs for the pancakes, but now he likes to sit under the laundry basket and "hatch" out of an egg too. Then, he sort of hops around the living room saying "peep-peep". I'm not sure where he got this from but he does it like 10 times a day. He's also really fixated on my manual eggbeater. He keeps wanting to make cakes or anything where eggs can possibly be used.

The domesticity doesn't end there. He also wants to vacuum every day. He doesn't even mind picking up toys if it means he can vacuum. whee! I'm starting to think this Miele vacuum might be a good toy investment. We need every bit of effort to keep the house from sinking into squalor. Neatness isn't going to happen but I'd like to avoid outright squalor.

We got a bunch of junk mail yesterday. Ro was sifting through it as usual, when he found a flier for Netflix. He ran into the kitchen saying, " Look mommy!" and points to the acronym DVD in the sentence, Now You Can Get DVDs At Your House For Only $17.99 or something like that. Ro knows DVD means movie. Then, he pointed to the pictures of each DVD picture and wanted to know what they were about. For most of the movies, I had no idea what they were about but he definitely wants to see The Incredibles, which was really good but way too violent for a three year old. I told him he had to wait a few years. Anyhow, he flipped the card over and was staring at the pictures and then he said "Mommy get DVDs in the mail!". I was shocked and took the card from him to see where he got that idea from. He'd studied the information graphics and figured out from the pictures that you could get movies mailed to your house. crazy.

On a baby note, Simone said "Mama", "Dada" and waved yesterday. I don't think it meant anything though. I was asking her if she could say mama and then she would. Same for Dada. Then, she'll imitate waving but I don't think she's connected any of the above to specific people or actions. Not sure though. Babies are quite inscrutable sometimes.


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I love stories of your babies. Too adorable. They are smart ones though!

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