Tuesday, March 15, 2005

help! I'm a bad guy in a cage

Ever since running into a policeman, we've been trying to explain the good guy/bad guy thing to Ro and he gets it but he doesn't understand jail, so I told him it was like a zoo for people who were bad. They had to stay locked up until they learned how to be good. Now, Ro huddles up on one of our dining chairs and peers at us from between the bars of the chair back saying, "Help, I'm a bad guy in a cage!" Then, he promises to be good and we tell him he can get out of jail. It's funny and odd. Now, the big bad wolf goes to jail after harassing the pigs. It's not really rubbing off on the Peter Rabbit story yet though. Although, Mr. McGregor now has laser guns instead of a rake sometimes. Watch out Peter Rabbit! Mr. McGregor is better equiped to tackle his thievery problems. Beatrix Potter would probably roll over in her grave over that one. Laser guns and Beatrix Potter just seem like such an unnatural combination.


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