Monday, April 04, 2005

pretend birthdays

Today, we played a birthday game where Ro made pretend cakes and we sang Happy Birthday and then we unwrapped presents, which were just random toys strewn about the room which were quickly wrapped in t-shirts or socks or whatever else was also scattered about. (Yes! our house is usually a mess.) Ro loves unwrapping presents. It really kills me that he's just as grateful to unwrap one of his blocks wrapped in a sock -- as he is to unwrap a real present. It's so sweet and it's one of things I really like about him. He is really and truly grateful when people are kind to him, give him presents, play with him etc. We spent about half an hour wrapping and giving presents to each other. When Daddy put Ro to bed, Ro thanked him for being a good helper with the presents.


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