Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The peaceman (policeman in Ro speak)

The kids and I were walking up the stairs at an office building when a sheriff started coming down. He said hi and went past us and then he turned around and asked Ro if he wanted a sticker. Ro was so thrilled. He'd never seen a policeman up close before, so he was really homing in on all of his kit which was very shiny and black. I think we spent about a minute with the policeman but you'd think it was hours because Ro has been talking about it for three days. He's still carrying around his tattered sticker too.

Lately, Roen's taken to identifying people by gender. He used to say, "Hello Daddy!" to different men which made me feel a bit sheepish. Fortunately, he's now switched to, "Hello Man!", which is infinitely preferable plus it makes me laugh every time he does it.


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