Saturday, March 05, 2005

Peter Rabbit and Siminy doings

Ro is very into Peter Rabbit now. Playing Peter Rabbit involves him hiding behind the couch and calling me Mr. Gregor every time I wander through the living room so I can threaten him with my broom. Eventually, I planted an orderly little garden of blocks on the floor and took his blue coat and shoes and made a scarecrow out of my broom. He was really, really happy and kept demanding carrots, which was great. I'm so happy when he eats something healthy. I think he ate two and half carrots. Hooray! Ro enjoys playing both sides of a story. He likes being Mr. McGregor too. Then, he chases either me or Daddy around waving his little broom at us and shouting "Stop Thief!" too funny.

Sim is so determined to walk. She won't even try crawling, which is a bit frustrating because she wants to move around and yet she can't get over her bipedal fixation. For Sim to start crawling, we're all going to have to give up walking and start crawling about the house for a week. Then and only then do I think she'd try it - until then she's determined to have me be her form of locomotion. Speaking of which, all of our walking sessions end up in the bathroom now. Sim likes to stare into the empty bathtub. I can only imagine that she's hoping that there will be water and she can take a bath. I think bath time is the highlight of her day.

Sim is starting to half laugh a lot as if things are amusing but not quite funny enough to laugh.
She's also getting her second tooth.


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