Thursday, March 10, 2005

dirty clothes bath

dirtyclothes, originally uploaded by skweerell.

Despite the fact that Sim can't really get around yet, Ro has been playing pretty well with her. Here's a picture of Ro and Sim having a pretend bubble bath in a pile of laundry this morning. Ro kept throwing piles of clothes up in the air which Sim loved but I was worried about her getting buried. I kept instructing Ro to always make sure her head was uncovered, which he was very good about. Then, he'd get down and smile at her like in the picture.

Ro isn't allowed to have real bubble baths due to eczema, which is really a huge bummer because he loves them so much. He asks for them and I always have to say no, which makes me sad because I know he can't really understand why right now.

Ro's also "read" two more words this week. Fire Station and popcorn -- although popcorn was incorrect. It was actually popsecret so he made an educated guess that was close.


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