Monday, May 16, 2005

Sim, the big spider

Sim has started crawling properly this week. Her tum is off the floor and she's moving all fours rather than dragging herself around like a baby seal. Ro is both amused and annoyed by this turn of events. Sometimes as he dances around her he says, "look , look baby's crawling!" But when he realizes she's crawling toward one of his toys, he throws himself down a few feet in front of her and says, "Uh oh, Signal!" Meaning the signals that drop and stop trains in Thomas the Tank Engine parlance. He then extends his arms in an attempt to stop Sim's progress but she crawls past him anyway. If Ro is sitting with me, and Sim starts crawling toward us. Ro leaps up, points at Sim and says, "Oh No! A big spider! Run, Mommy, Run!, Help!"

Ro is currently really into the ABCs and he really likes reading comic books, so he's especially attracted to comic book with sound effect bubbles. I heard him reading out the letters (A-U-G-G-G-G-H) the other day and was totally baffled as to what he was doing. Eventually, I realized he was spelling out "Auggggh!, Crash!, Blam!" and stuff like that - the sound effect type things. I'm not sure what he gets out of comic books. It must be something like us looking at hieroglyphics - interesting but mysterious.


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