Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First day of school

Ro got on the bus yesterday and went off to school, a preschool for four year olds with speech delay. I was all teary as the bus pulled out of the driveway but Ro was very happy -- bordering on jubilant. We met him at school an hour later to meet his teacher, etc. A few kids were really crying but Ro seemed quite comfortable there. When we were leaving, he started fussing about wanting to ride the bus home rather than ride home with us. We said fine and he got on board. As the bus was pulling away, we realized it was going to our house and he was the only one on it, which wasn't a big deal except the whole family was at school and no one was at home. So, we made haste in order to beat the bus back to our house. Fortunately, the bus was held up by a long freight train and we made it home. When Ro arrived, he was in tears. He said he was afraid of the train and it's horn scared him and hurt his ears. I was really surprised because Ro loves trains. The bus was right next to the track when the train came by though and I guess it just startled him. I don't think he liked being alone on the bus either. All in all it was a good first day except for the trip home. I was glad he didn't have any qualms about getting on the bus today. The bus driver plays children's music on the bus and she brought a box of little cars for the kids to play with, so Ro looked happy as a clam as the bus pulled away.


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