Thursday, September 08, 2005

Our new friend, Brummmmmmmmmmmmm

We've been casting around a bit to find a new toy/theme for Ro to love. Buzz and Thomas come and go but I think they're mainly on the wane. We've tried fire engines, pirates, garbage trucks, and a number of other things but nothing really struck Ro. He likes it, especially pirates but he really likes vehicles with a personality. Surprisingly, we stumbled on an RC Brum at a Radioshack on Sunday. Ro was smitten. Fortunately, Brum was only $5, on sale from $35. Ro has played with it nearly non-stop. He really loves RC cars but Brum is also a crime fighting superhero, which makes him even better.

Yesterday, one of Daddy's coworkers taped Brum on the Discovery kids channel for us. It was one of the weirdest most ridiculous shows I've seen -- and so British. Ro laughed until he was nearly sick. Ro is a natural vaudevillian. He loves slapstick silliness, so combine that with a strange little car who sneaks out of an antique auto musuem every morning to fight crime in the big town and you have a winner from Ro's point of view.

Ro's painted a garage (a box) for Brum and Brum sleeps by his bed every night. Buzz and Tigger are probably wondering what happened. Brum also eats most meals with us now. Ro also wants to be Brum for Halloween, which now puts responsibility for costuming Ro squarely in Daddy's plate. Mommy can't build giant models of antique cars but Daddy can probably sort something out that will satisfy Ro.


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