Saturday, September 10, 2005

rock climbing son of a gun

Climbing walls seem to be pretty commonplace now. They're at museums, playgrounds, festivals, stores, etc. Although Ro can climb them, he wasn't exactly drawn to them. I don't think he could see the point because there wasn't really anywhere to climb to. Then, a few months ago, Grumple and Daddy took Ro to Rock Ventures and got him in a harness and let him have a more realistic climbing experience. They showed him that you can climb for the sake of climbing. Grumple (grandpa) is big into rock climbing. Anyhow, that experience peaked Ro's interest in climbing walls. At the playground this week, it all seemed to come together for him and he was doing these real rock climbing moves like using his arms to support himself while he calmly felt around for new spots for his feet. If he didn't have a good foothold he'd do a little hop and switch which foot was on the hold and keep moving. Daddy and I were both stunned. He's always been a natural climber but these moves were suddenly a lot more sophisticated. I think it's so cool that he's figured out these moves himself.


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