Sunday, September 11, 2005

weaning and tea

I'm in the final stages of weaning Sim. Today was her first day of no nursing. It went ok. The last two days were a bit tough as she seemed to have another burst of teething induced psychoses which makes her want to nurse 20 times a day and bang her head into things like the car, the driveway, me, the floor, the couch, etc. She was constantly pounding on my chest in hopes of some more nursing time but I gave her Tylenol instead and stuck doggedly to my one nursing session a day.

Today, she was much better and I managed to distract her from her single morning feed. Now, I just don't sit down for the next week and try to keep her occupied and we'll be finished. I don't think I could've done it without tea though. I've introduced her to herbal teas with lots of milk and honey and she seems to like them. I let her help me make the tea in the morning. If I say, "Sim, do you want tea?" She'll toddle over to the tea drawer and rummage around for a tea bag and then bring it to me and drop it in a cup. It's really cute.


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