Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

We had a pleasant Easter. First, church and then lunch followed by an egg hunt. Next, we watched The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, which was a bit much for Ro. I felt a little uncomfortable watching it with him. It's a lot more action packed than other Wallace & Gromit adventures and there are guns, aggravated people and people saying rude things to one another. All of these situations make Ro quite nervous. He seemed relieved when it was over and said, "Oh, it WAS just a silly rabbit movie." I thought Ro was going to lose it when the Were Rabbit appears to die and the little rabbits start crying. Unfortunately, I think we scarred him for life by showing him Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. At least once a week he asks me if I'm going to die. During bad weeks, it's a couple times a day. In the movie version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the mother is dead and the father is pursuing Truly Scrumptious as a new love interest. Ro did not like this idea at all. On days he doesn't ask if I'm going to die, he'll casually inform me that he doesn't want a new mommy and then wander off and play with robots or something. ergh!

I labelled all the eggs for the egg hunt, which took quite awhile but worked out really well. Not only did Ro have to read everyone's names but it allowed for even egg distribution despite uneven egg finding abilities. Simone can only find eggs in very obvious places like right in front of her in the open grass. Ro found the most eggs and he enjoyed running around and giving them to their appropriate recipient. I highly recommend egg labelling when doing egg hunts for multiple children and adults. I also thought it would be a clever photo trick of getting the two children close together so that I could snap their picture. I got a lot of "together pictures" but they're all really ambiguous. It looks more like Sim is stealing eggs from Ro's basket or vice versa rather than that they're giving them to each other.


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