Thursday, April 24, 2008

san diego

petted dolphins and bat rays
watched otters, sharks, whales, and sea lions
played with sea stars (starfish) - simone's favorite

Saw seals with their young pups dozing on a beach
watched our children revel in their first ocean experience - especially Roen. He seemed transformed and ecstatic and ran into the ocean fully clothed.

koala bears
fascinating nautilus and cuttlefish swimming in their aquariums
a sweet baby giraffe
legos in legoland
fish tacos
lots of sunshine

a wonderful vacation

Sunday, April 06, 2008

sock fur

Simone has a fixation with her toes - more specifically with making sure her toes are clean. She's gotten sort of neurotic about her socks and the "sock fur" that clings to ones toes after wearing socks. Now, she's pulling off her socks a few times a day to pick all the sock fur off of them. She loves it but it's driving me crazy. Like everything else with kids - this too shall pass.

Captain Roey Pants

We've recently started reading a lot of books by Dav Pilkey of Captain Underpants fame. Ro is quite partial to them and his other books. He's lately started pretending to be Captain Roey Pants and he bursts into the kitchen in his underwear and cape ready to vanquish evil garbage disposals in a single bound. Then, he disappears into his bedroom, changes back into his clothes and comes back as his mild mannered alter ego Roen, who casually asks what all the commotion was a little earlier. It's pretty funny.