Monday, July 31, 2006

strange tastes

Sim has gotten to be a fussy eater. sigh. It frustrates me to no end but I know it's part of being two.
It's just sooooooo annoying when a child won't eat dinner but then she'll pop a glob of blue playdough in her mouth without a moment's hesitation. I think I make food that tastes significantly better than playdough albeit less salty. I can't allow her access to playdough anymore because she eats it immediately. It used to be that she'd play with it for 10 minutes and then start snacking but not anymore.

She turns her nose up at breakfast but then I discover her sucking down half a tube of baby toothpaste (no fluoride).
She won't eat lunch but then she'll gobble up a tube of lip balm accidently left within her reach. I ate a tube of orange flavored lip balm when I was a kid myself, so I can see her attraction to that one but toothpaste and playdough seem really icky.

Friday, July 28, 2006

cannibal bird

Sim is really into being a bird right now. I make her a blanket nest on the couch and she sits in it with some plastic eggs, which she'll eventually pretend to eat. She's a cannibal bird. I don't think she understands that baby birds hatch out of eggs. She thinks they're just sitting there with their breakfast because she eats an egg for breakfast every morning so why shouldn't a bird. It also kills me when she sits there tweeting and then asks me to feed her bones or throw sticks for her - because dog behavior is the only animal pretend she really seems to get. She also does frog and fish but not so much.

When we're out and about she likes to ask where her bird nest is and if I'll help her find it.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Ro currently has a fascination with Tintin, the adventurous teenage reporter/detective, and his dog, Snowy. Tintin was first published in 1929 and you might not think a soon to be five year old would be into it but Ro is hooked. Daddy has been reading Tintin comic books to Ro every night for weeks. I'm kind of shocked because I've been the preferred bedtime reader for most of Ro's life. With the advent of Tintin, Ro is suddenly all about Daddy being his bedtime reader, which I think is really nice.

Ro was carrying my small plastic watering can around the other day with it's fine curvy point stuck in his mouth. He was pretending to be Captain Haddock smoking his pipe, which was a hoot. Ro also walks around saying things like, "Blistering Blue Barnacles!!"