Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our friend, Cheetah

We went to GCV to see their War of 1812 exhibit. As our time there was drawing to a close, a Monarch butterfly suddenly landed on Roen's hand and he held it for a few minutes. I tried to get close and take a picture, but I scared it and it flew away. It didn't fly far however. It looped around Roen several times and then returned to his hand where it stayed quite contentedly for a good half hour as we roamed around shops and tents. Roen decided to name it Cheetah. While we were crossing a field to return home, the wind picked up and blew Cheetah off Roen's hand. He hovered around us a bit and then landed on Daddy. The breeze was kind of strong for him though and he lifted off flew around us again and then headed toward the trees. It was a really neat experience to see a butterfly that liked Roen.