Thursday, October 08, 2009

wrapper collection

I had some tangerine peels to throw away at the playground and so I went back to the car and found a small trash bag full of wrappers and such. I walked happily back into the playground, stuffing trash in the sack. Simone saw me and started crying and running for me at the same time. I was baffled. She was shouting, "No, No Mommy! That's my wrapper collection!" I could not choke back my laughter. This little plastic bag of trash was her special wrapper collection. She thought I'd lost my mind. She kept asking, "Why are you laughing, Mommy?" It was just so surprising to me.

Roen is about the same. His room is currently full of all sorts of trash. He's been raiding the recycle bin to build a space station and variety of drop ships and the like. It was taking up the living room, so I moved it all back to his room. He loves it still but his room looks a fright -- full of milk cartons, tin cans, bottles and other bits of refuse. I am waiting for him to tire of it so I can swoop in and make it disappear. I love his creativity though. He always impresses me that way.