Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flying Solo

Simone lost a tooth yesterday. Roen has been my assistant tooth fairy a few times. Today, he asked if he could "fly solo". I said he could and gave him Simone's tooth treats, a plastic Hello Kitty and a dollar coin. We waited for her to fall asleep and he slipped in and delivered the gifts. I asked him where the tooth was and he had forgotten it! I sent him back to get it. He brought me the tooth and I asked where the note was and he had left that too. He had to make three trips to finish the job. Simone said she knew Roen had come in. Roen was a little disappointed to hear that.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Baby Tintin and Simone

Simone has developed a special relationship with Tintin. He will allow her to wrap him up in a wash cloth and he'll just sit on her chest and sing to her. It's so cute. Sometimes she can turn Tintin on his back and even put his head on a tiny pillow and he'll just sing to her the whole time. The rest of us can't get Tintin to do it for us at all. It's kind of odd too because Tintin hated Simone for about two months after she threw a blanket on him in a very misguided attempt to catch him. He finally let go of his grudge though and now he loves her.