Thursday, March 03, 2011

My future grandaughter, Venezuela

Sim was labeling a map of South America today. She really liked the name of the country, Venezuela. She wanted to know if the people lined the shore and swayed back and forth in a hula-style dance saying, "Vene, Vene!"

She also says she may name her future daughter, Venezuela.

Hairy Teeth

We went to the dentist yesterday. They called me back to see Simone during her exam because they were cleaning a lot of little hair pieces out of her teeth. They asked me if she was using a natural bristle toothbrush. I told them she was eating her hair which I hadn't realized she was doing until that point. I saw her put her hair in her mouth but I didn't know she was actually eating it. argh! They asked her to stop. She seemed embarrassed. She is also seems to be missing one or two grown up teeth in her x-rays. They'll check again next year as she may be a late bloomer.