Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Google it, Mom

About a year ago, Grammy bought the kids some junky light toys for cheap entertainment. On July 4th, Simone realized that she couldn't find hers but Roen still had his. She asked for another one and I said I didn't know where Grammy got it and thought that was that. Simone got a brand name off of Roen's light and told me to "Just Google it, Mom!"
Sigh, technology!

Apocalyptic Lion eating animals butt first

I picked up Roen from Animation camp, he showed me a drawing that he'd done with oil pastels. All the kids had done large, close-up pictures of animals that were very colorful and pretty. Roen's was very different than the rest. He had more of an apocalyptic scene with a lion eating a pig's butt and then it's poised to move on to a gorilla's butt followed by a goat's butt. There's a carcass off to the side. I wonder what his teacher thinks. I wonder if she recognizes the style is sort of Narnia/Captain Underpants.