Friday, May 28, 2010

Making your own fun

The kids are very good at making their own fun. We have a lot of loose bricks on the property for some reason. We gathered a lot of them up to do something with but the kids seem to love them. Roen used them to build a model city of Rome, set up battle scenes for Bionicles and build various walls and structures. The kids also dragged the turtle shell lid from the sandbox into the front yard and filled it with water. Now, they have a little pool in the drive way. They are currently playing some variation of Lego Atlantis in it. They appeared to be playing Roman citizens at the bath house with it earlier.

Farmer for a day

We went out to the Mud Creek CSA that we joined to help with the planting. We had lots of different varieties of tomato plants to put in. Roen was great at following the grid pattern left by the plow that's supposed to help you space out your plants. He was very helpful and useful. Farmer Beth seemed to like him. He told her his jokes and regaled her with his knowledge of ancient history.

Simone enjoyed playing with rocks more than planting but she was good at gently burying the plants.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day starts with confetti!

I had a lovely Mother's Day. Roen was up early. When I came down stairs, he leaped out from behind an end table and showered me with pink confetti that he had cut up from construction paper. He made me a nice card too. Simone made me a little, quick card. Hape Muvers Day. I love how five year olds spell.

We had lunch at my mom's and Daddy got me some nice chocolate and a new fancy knife. It was a pleasant day.

Mourning Dove

Roen has been captivated by our ornithology unit. He's quiet and patient enough to observe birds at close range. We ate lunch outside and he just slowly worked his way forward until he was within a foot of some Mourning Doves in the front garden. They didn't seem to mind him at all. He stayed outside for ages. Every time I waved at him to come back in and do lesson, he would just shake his head no and turn into a statue. I think he spent two hours with the birds.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Tooth Fairy Roen

Simone lost her first tooth today. She pulled it right out. She said it didn't hurt but it bled quite a bit. Seeing all the blood made her scream and scream. We went through two or three tissues. She finally calmed down and asked me over and over again if I was happy that she lost her tooth.

Roen was thrilled too because we all agreed he could be the tooth fairy for Simone today. He carefully plotted out a 9-step treasure hunt for her and added illustrations in case she had trouble with the reading. After she went to bed, he donned some purple wings that Grammy had made him. Then, he swapped out the tooth for the first clue in the treasure hunt and sprinkled Simone with fairy dust (glitter). He also sprinkled the clues with glitter too.

It was nice to see both kids so excited. Simone's excited she's going to be getting a big girl tooth and afraid she'll forget to look under her pillow in the morning. Roen was excited to be a tooth fairy for the first time. He liked being stealthy.