Thursday, December 14, 2006

Flu Mist

In case you haven't gotten a flu shot yet ---
I'd reccommend the shot over the new Flu Mist. I thought I was doing Roen a favor by requesting Flu Mist for him. I wanted to spare him the sting of a shot. However, when the nurse came in she was carrying two syringes - one for Simone and one for Roen. I reminded her that I was getting Flu Mist for Ro and she said this is it and pulled up the syringe and tilted Roen's head back. He about flipped out because he thought he was going to get a shot up the nose. I didn't blame him. It looked bad. Flu Mist is a jet of nasty tasting medicine up each nostril with a syringe (needleless of course). It took Ro longer to recover from gagging on the meds than it did for Sim to stop crying from the shot. She was too young for Flu Mist and I think that was just as well. Flu Mist is supposedly more effective though.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I keep forgetting to write about this...
Both of my kids seem to absently spell the word, Mississippi to themselves. I walk into a room and Roen is busily drawing and chanting quietly to himself, M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I.

Roen asked me what it was like when I was in school. So, I thought and thought about kindergarten and could only come up with impressions but no story. I could only remember a spelling exercise from second grade. The teacher told me to spell "church" and I said, "I'm not sure I can spell church but I can spell Mississippi." The teacher, Mrs.Bailey, told me I could spell Mississippi after I spelled church. I did both correctly. I told Roen I thought the word Mississippi was funny because it had PP in it and it was just such a strange word, exotic yet absurd. Anyhow, Roen found that story to be hilarious. It spawned his interest in states and places and maps. Mississippi.

If you've never read The Scrambled States of America to your child you definitely should. It's most fun.