Monday, May 15, 2006

grandma the carnivore

I was trying to get Ro to make grandma a mother's day card/picture, so I started out with a basic question.

Me:"What does grandma like?"
Ro: "Chicken Meat"
Me: "I'm sure she does. What else does she like?"
Ro: "Bacon"

Eventually, we got to the facts that grandma likes growing vegetables and playing. These seemed like good ideas to start a card with so I broke out the paper and markers. Ro started his card and drew a picture of grandma eating bacon. I didn't end up giving it to her because he drew other pictures on top of it and it became a confusing jumble. His answers almost gave me a stomach cramp from choking back laughter.


Anonymous Linda said...

haha how cute - "chicken meat"

3:54 PM  

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